Monday, September 15, 2008

Land of the SPLOST

At our last city council meeting, we discussed the potential impact of SPLOST revenues on the city. Unlike many other communities, in past SPLOST issues, Oconee County's municipalities have not received any of these sales tax revenues. That is all set to change if the next SPLOST passes, where Oconee's municipalities will get a share of the revenue based on their percentage of the overall county population.

The city of Watkinsville would be slated to receive more than $3 million over the life of the penny tax -- a solid infusion that would make a world of difference to our community. Projects being considered -- but not finalized -- include additional sewer lines in the Watkinsville industrial park, greenspace acquisition, significant improvements in our existing parks, new sidewalks, necessary road repavings, police vehicles, and other capital equipment costs.

In a city with a budget as small as ours, these funds could make a huge difference. For our other (and even smaller) cities in Oconee, it could be even more transformative. The City of Watkinsville will be holding a public hearing to discuss options for use of SPLOST funds in more detail and to hear from citizens what they want. Stay tuned for those dates and more information!

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