Monday, March 9, 2009

Today's Sign of the Apocalypse

Is the apocalypse near? Favorite columnist/author Tom Friedman kicks off his column with a quote from The Onion.

But despite the reference, this column from Mr. Friedman will certainly get you thinking. While I'm not sure I buy everything in it as we generate a lot of intellectual capital in the U.S., and still do some true production here (I'm not sure the author totally buys what he's selling in this column either) . However, there is something about our consumer driven culture that disturbs a lot of us at an instinctive level, and he and his sources do a good job of articulating that.


Toby Smith said...

My sign of the apocalypse was the definition of Government accoring to the Oconee Enterprise's Editorial. In response to the BOE's request for a raise, regardless of what you think of that issue, the Enterprise defined government as "It is doing for people what they can not do for ourselves". Not only is it grammatically incorrect it's completely misguided.
While elements of this fall under government, it is not what defines government.

Brian said...

No doubt about that, although I think more and more people believe that to be true, especially as people come to rely on government rather than family, community, and churches to help them do what they cannot do for themselves.