Thursday, January 29, 2009

Phil Gingrey

I was proud of Phil Gingrey earlier this week. With his comments he implied what many conservative and moderate Republicans believe -- that Rush Limbaugh's attitude and approach are a major hindrance to building a big tent under which undecided voters can gather.

Now I am incredibly disappointed in him. He spoke his mind. Sure, he got hammered. But the sucking up to Rush Limbaugh was just unbelievable.

Listen to the audio. Amazing.

Lets face it, Rush Limbaugh has millions of devoted fans. Great. But if Rush and Sean Hannity could run the country, they would be doing it. They are gifted talkers, but should not be the leaders of the Republican party.

Full recaps here and here.

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Cody said...

Couldn't agree with you more! Rep. Gingrey had good points and seemed to be moving fruitless political jargon toward applying conservative values in governing. That was until the mindless "ditto" heads started calling his office!

Being a partisan hack and refusing to legislate and govern, is why Republicans are in this situation -- and Limbaugh would have more of it; not less!

And since President Obama fell into Limbaugh's lap, I expect it to get worse; that is until Republicans get smart. Otherwise, expect another 54 years of being the minority party!