Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Oconee Education Stimulus

Some numbers are out, and according to the AJC, the Oconee County school system stands to get a little over $1 million in 2009 and close to $800,000 in 2010 if the stimulus plan passes as is. Am sure our BOE members would be excited to get that boost, even if temporary. The question is, how do you spend it on things that won't require local funding in the years that follow? More details on overall education funding and rationale here.

Local education funds, support for R&D at higher education institutions, and transportation funding (although not nearly enough at just $30 billion) are among the good things to come out of the proposed stimulus package, which also includes $335 million for STD prevention and many other shiny baubles to entertain bureaucrats and fans of big government. Details on the baubles here.

The stimulus bill needs to be totally focused on things that make America more competitive in the future -- meaningful transportation projects, technology investments, education, R&D, etc. These items will help somewhat with our revenue and job creation problem, but most importantly will help prepare our country to compete with China, India and the rest of the world in the years ahead.

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