Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Open Mouth, Insert Foot

How do we keep sending this guy back to Washington?

For his latest trick, Rep. Broun compares the President-elect to Hitler, once again making our district the butt of national jokes (remember the cow patty?)

Look, most people in the district aren't crazy about the politics of Sen. Obama. I get that. Frankly, I have real questions about his political philosophy and approach. But I think most Americans, at this point, certainly recognize that the majority has spoken and are taking a wait and see attitude.

Update: Rep. Broun has issued a clarifying statement that at least better explains what he was trying to get at; it makes some sense although it is way too long and rambling. Read it here.

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Cody said...

At least he's only down there for weekends and holidays -- I have the privilege and pleasure to live in the city where he spends most of the time!