Wednesday, November 12, 2008

City Council Update

Had a relatively short city council meeting tonight. Interestingly, we had 4 new business permits on the docket despite the down economy, including two new small businesses on the main street corridor. One of those stores will offer a variety of green and natural products, including cleaning products, at Town Center.

We are voted to drop the fee for sign permits through the end of the year in an effort to help small businesses limit start up costs -- our own mini-incentive program, I suppose.

In other items, we also discussed potential impacts of LOST revenue drops on the city, but overall the financial picture in Watkinsville is strong. Other items discussed included a new pick up truck the city purchased for the Oconee County fire department, the delay of the Mars Hill Road expansion, and some controversial fire wood selling along VFW Drive. We had a typical crowd there, and no huge issues.

We also had a called meeting on Monday night where we tackled recommended allocations for the city's percentage of potential SPLOST revenues. This will be Watkinsville's first time participating. We are considering allocating these funds -- an estimated total of nearly $3.2 million over six years -- towards sewer lines in the industrial park, sidewalks, road improvements, greenspace acquisition, recreational facilities, and public safety (new vehicles and technology). We are also still taking public feedback on these options, so feel free to weigh in here, send me a note, or send an e-mail to city hall.

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