Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sad News

Word arrived today that Jim Shearon had passed away. I was shocked.

I didn't know Jim as well as many in Watkinsville. I do know that he along with Dave, Mario and Louise have been wonderful additions to our community and truly have made a difference on so many levels in Watkinsville and the region. Jim's gift for design was amazing and evident if you ever stayed at Ashford Manor or visited Maison Bleu or Sweet Retreat. His creativity and work ethic were also a constant -- simply put, Jim was a force! I remember him being one of just a few to ever make it through an entire city council budget hearing and still being awake enough to offer support as well as outside the box ideas for improving Watkinsville. We often heeded Jim's advice.

Julie Phillips wrote a nice piece on Jim here. Two things that struck me about her piece -- Jim was definitely a straight shooter. You always knew where you stood with him. And he and the rest of the Ashford Manor bunch also have the wherewithal and talent to work anywhere in the world. Our community is a much better place because they choose Watkinsville.

Jim, we miss you already and know that you are now in a wonderful place. God bless and rest in peace.

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