Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Positive Privet News in High Shoals

Privet. I despise it. Especially the Chinese kind that is amazingly invasive here in the Southeast.

So I was pleased to hear about this effort in New High Shoals -- despite all the other ongoing drama in our neighbor to the south -- to help citizens eradicate this pesky plant. If only there was a similar solution for invasive bamboo.

I wish the leaders in New High Shoals would put together a few more simple "blocking and tackling" initiatives like this one. It might help remove the focus from infighting at council meetings and perhaps unify the citizens around a few central ideas. It's amazing what a few park clean up days and other citizen driven efforts can do to bring a city together and give it a common purpose. I often drive through High Shoals and think about what potential it has with the beautiful falls, the river, the small reservoir, a brand new elementary school, and more. There are a lot of small towns that would kill for these assets.

However, back to reality, perhaps Watkinsville can borrow the "Weed Wrench" for our next clean up at Harris Shoals park, which has plenty of its own privet and invasive species to deal with.

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