Friday, August 29, 2008

From City Council to Governor to VP?

Okay, it isn't local. But I have to say I really like McCain's VP choice for a number of reasons, and not just because she got her start on a small town local city council.

Sarah Palin is a Republican who actually has worked to shrink government, fight corruption, and have a common sense approach on energy, unlike most of our more national figures. She is also a refreshing change from the typical "two old white guys" approach of the Republican party.

She's a regular person who grew up playing high school basketball and running in road races with her family. She eloped with her husband because they did not have money for a wedding. She now has five kids, including a four month old. Indeed, up until she became pregnant she was still running 7 to 10 miles per day -- check out this story for more detail on her workout regimen! The real challenge for her won't be the vice presidency -- it will be keeping her fitness and raising healthy children in the D.C. environment!

All that said as a city councilman, a struggling off-and-on/ex-runner, and a parent, I can appreciate all that she seeks to balance in life and think that perspective is certainly helpful to have at the highest levels in D.C. I think this unexpected choice could be the boost McCain needs to make this into a real contest.


Oconee Democrat said...

ha ha ha ha

Cody said...

Now we must see if she can handle the heat of major league media outlets and groups/individuals on the far side of mainstream!

The daughter's pregnancy issue and pending investigations in Alaska have the potential to make this an Eagleton moment. Or, if handled properly, could be the winning edge for November. Only time will tell!

Caroline Pence said...

I hate to admit it, but your liberal democrat sister-in-law agrees! I'm not crazy about her position on some issues (abortion, drilling in Alaska, Iraq), but I am impressed with her confidence and personal story. Her speech on Wednesday night was something else. Obama/Biden still have my vote, but this will make for an interesting contest!

Tara T. McIlrath said...

thanks Brian for writing this. I have not been able to learn about the candidates and it helps to hear about them from someone I trust. Do you have any other suggestions as to where I could go to learn more about Palin?

Brian said...

Tara -- am about to do another post on her. She has certainly had a transformative affect on the campaign!