Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pickens Plan

I have been hearing ads for the "Pickens Plan" for the past few weeks on the radio and online. I decided to check it out, and I like what I see. Not necessarily perfect, but some good thinking from someone who knows more about energy than I will ever hope to. I think it's about time somebody in America starts thinking outside the box about energy, and it is great to see an oil man take a stand on the issue, unlike those who currently occupy the White House who seem to insist that we continue to stay harnessed to oil over the long term. Today he presented his ideas to Congress.

Now let's be clear, Pickens obviously has a strong financial interest in wind power. But that is fine. It's how we do things in America. What is great to see is the time, energy and resources he is putting into educating Americans about the need to make a change. As someone who has made billions from oil, he has a lot of credibility.

As a communicator, I also appreciate the multi-faceted, new and old media approach he is using as he makes his case to America.

Click below to learn more about his energy plan or click here to learn more about Boone Pickens' connection to Athens last fall.

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