Sunday, July 13, 2008

Greenspace News

If you've ever been atop certain North Carolina mountains or hiking on the Appalachian Trail, you appreciate the unique beauty of "balds," grassy plains atop some of the Eastern U.S.'s highest peaks. There is nothing more incredible after a day of hiking than reaching the top of a mountain and having an unobstructed view for miles and a grassy place to sit down and absorb the view. While it is certainly off topic from my usual postings, this approach to preserving these unusual "greenspaces" certainly is unique. My mother was born and raised about 30 minutes from "The Roan" near Bakersville, NC and this Spring our family visited the Roan High Bald on a spectacular spring day.

In what is perhaps more relevant greenspace news, Jim Langford has launched his "Million Mile Greenway" effort, and Maria Saporta covers it in today's AJC. This is a great idea that hopefully will take root in Oconee. While Greenways are established in Athens and other larger cities, many smaller communities lack the tools and resources to make them happen. Hopefully Jim and his team will be able to focus on rapidly growing Northeast Georgia as they move forward.

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