Thursday, August 27, 2009

Super Mario

There are a lot of serious things going on locally and nationally. Ted Kennedy has passed away. Water wars between Georgia and its neighbors. The potential widening of Simonton Bridge road. The start of college football season. And I haven't found time to post about any of it.

But I ran across this video on Facebook, and had to share. For all of you who remember your first Nintendo and Super Mario Bros., you've got to watch it.

I still remember my introduction to Super Mario Brothers at the Claghorn's House in Northwest Woods. It was circa 1987, and we were still rocking the Intellivision at 1510 Robin Hood Road in Northwest Woods (yes, my parents went outside the box when it came to gaming). Shortly after Christmas, I got a call from my friend Joseph Claghorn about his new system, and went over to see what all the fuss was about. Atari 5200 this was not. It was a whole new world. I think I spent weeks finding excuses to visit Joseph's house and play Nintendo. While I left gaming behind years ago, but this performance brought back a whole lot of memories for me.

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Joseph said...

I remember at the time thinking that video game graphics couldn't possibly get better than Super lifelike.