Friday, February 27, 2009

Quick Hits

  • Over at the Athens Inbox, I posted about an Athenian being considered for an ambassadorship to Germany. As one commenter said, Germany and Athens both have a lot of beer and a lot of bars -- so sending one of our own over there makes a lot of sense. Would be very good news for our region.
  • Maria Saporta and others are right -- Gena Abraham's ouster just makes Georgia's transportation mess that much worse. I think the odds are high that nothing of significance happens with transportation this year, and that will be terrible news for our state. One bright spot: interim GDOT commissioner Gerald Ross was heavily involved in the Mars Hill widening project in Oconee, so that project may move up the priority ladder, if such a ladder still exists at GDOT.
  • Love the idea of using sheep to kill privet in the OC. Can they kill bamboo too? If so, sign me up.
  • For all my hiking/outdoorsy friends: check out this story from the Athens Banner-Herald. Trail food in the dining hall. Great idea. UGA's food services operation is ridiculously innovative (and good).

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Oconee Democrat said...

I think Pandas are the only beasts that munch on bamboo