Monday, December 1, 2008

Major UGA Investment in Oconee

Who would have guessed that Oconee County would soon house one of UGA's most successful athletic programs?

Not me, but it looks like High Point Farms in Bishop will soon be the new home for the UGA Equestrian team according to the Athens Banner-Herald and UGA's official web site. This is great news for Oconee, and based on a message at the High Point web site it looks as if they will be relocating as well and staying in the area.

When I was the editor of the Campus Carrier in college, I had my run-ins with the equestrian team (they didn't think I gave them enough coverage, and I probably didn't). Now one of those riders is the coach at UGA, and has certainly represented our alma mater well. And I must say after attending a competition earlier this year with my daughter, I came away very impressed with the poise and skills of these young women and their horses. I would certainly be proud to see my little girl ride for UGA some day.

UGA Equestriennes
, welcome to Oconee!

Photo Courtesy of UGA Sports Communications

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