Friday, April 11, 2008

Back from the Dead

Okay, four months is long enough. Today the Athens Banner-Herald was kind enough to publish a letter from me on NBAF. I can't say how frustrating it is to watch people in our community use hyperbole and inaccurate information to sidetrack good jobs from coming to our community. Are there issues to discuss and consider about NBAF? Sure.

But to try to tie up NBAF over mysterious "power plants", threats to the Botanical Gardens, and year old economic impact studies that have been refuted, as Athens FAQ does, is just silly.

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Anonymous said...

Brian - Glad to see you're back. I kept checking on occasion, but gave up after a while - probably right before you started posting again. So much for my perseverance. NBAF is a great project for all of NE Georgia. The NIMBY reaction is sad, as that reaction could very well throw the project to Kansas, who wants it very badly -

Live from Fayette County - Matt