Friday, December 14, 2007

The Demise of High Shoals

In reading Thursday's Oconee Enterprise, I had mixed emotions about the possible dissolution of North High Shoals. In one sense, it is a tiny government operating on less than $100,000 per year. From a larger policy level, a weakness in Georgia is its plethora of local governments who often stumble all over each other and don't cooperate, and prevent things from getting done.

But there is a side of me that fears what could happen to this charming community on the banks of the Apalachee without some degree of local control. With a new elementary school locating nearby, the community is poised for growth. What path will it follow? Do the residents want to have a say in local rezonings and development? Or is their city council worth it given the trouble it seems to find consistently?

Either way, if the contentions of some of the new elected officials are true -- that the community is being dissolved because the current mayor and council are unhappy with election results -- this is the wrong reason. Let the voters choose if they want to be a community any more.

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