Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A few things....

Have had some time on the road this week to do some thinking.... and a few thoughts came to mind.

  • Has it occurred to any Georgia political observers how the national Democratic party faces a similar situation to what the Georgia Democratic Party faced in its gubernatorial nominations? You have a choice between an expert campaigner with baggage (including a divisive personality) and and an articulate, intellectual candidate who will likely have significant crossover appeal. In Georgia, the Democrats chose Mark Taylor over Cathy Cox and got killed in the general election. Will the national democratic party choose Hillary over Obama and make the same mistake? BTW, for those of you who want a good analysis of the debate, check out Peggy Noonan's take.
  • Athens-Clarke County strikes another blow for invasive government with its new tethering laws. I'm sorry, but there are lots of pet owners who keep pets on chains who are caring people. Lets treat the disease rather than the symptoms. I'm sure fencing companies are elated, though. Jmac agrees at Safe as Houses, and provides a more thorough analysis of this issue.
  • Its great news that Hank Huckaby is going to be serving on the oversight committee for the new Walton-Oconee Reservoir. We desperately need some state government insight and perspective on this issue since both the speaker of the house and lieutenant governor are talking about providing money and support to communities who are building reservoirs. Hank has great experience and insight from his days at the Capitol and with UGA. As I've said before, I'm very concerned about funding bonds based on increased water usage, especially if the bulk of it is projected to be residential. Just isn't reasonable if the drought continues.

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