Monday, October 29, 2007

Public Art

As the Artland of Georgia, one thing Watkinsville needs more of is visible public art. We have a concentration of public art near OCAF, but I'd like to see sculpture or other public art downtown and at the entry points to Watkinsville. Just as Athens' new bus stops have been incredible conversation starters, public art would no doubt have a similar effect in Watkinsville while also helping the traveling public slow down and understand that we are a center for the arts.

Imagine the impact if, instead of just the Welcome to Watkinsville signs (which we plan to relandscape once the drought ends and are being repainted by Councilman Walsh), we also had dramatic works of art at the entrances to town and at both ends of downtown on Main Street? It seems like this would be a logical partnership with OCAF and other local arts organizations.

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